Special offer from Rakuten employees! We are introducing a Rakuten Mobile referral campaign exclusive to those referred by Rakuten employees!

This is an introduction to the Rakuten Mobile Referral Campaign (Campaign Code: 2162), exclusively for those referred by Rakuten employees.

  • MNP: 14,000 points
  • New: 7,000 points

These are attractive points.

This is a better offer than the referral campaign generally available to the public (Campaign Code: 1784).

Here are the five key benefits of this offer:

  1. 1,000 points more than the regular campaign

  2. Secondary lines and renewals are also eligible for the campaign

  3. Both “Rakuten SAIKYO Plan” (data type) and Rakuten Turbo are eligible

  4. You’re eligible even if you’re not using the Rakuten Link app

  5. Even if you found out about this campaign after signing up, as long as you log in from the referral URL within 7 days of your application date, you’re eligible

Please access from the referral URL and check the campaign details.

Registration as a Rakuten member is required to log in.


▼English_Referral URL (Rakuten ID login required)


▼Japanese_Referral URL (Rakuten ID login required)






  • MNPで14,000ポイント
  • 新規契約で7,000ポイント
  • 通常紹介CPNよりも1,000ポイント多い
  • 2回線~10回線分も対象
  • 再契約(過去にご契約あった方)も対象
  • データプランも対象
  • RakutenTurboも対象